Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Funny Soldier Stories

Red Dragon Soldiers listening to a Family Advocacy briefing.

A couple of funny stories from today ... A representative from Family Advocacy came to brief the battalion on spousal and child abuse awareness. Serious topic, but a couple of lighter moments ...

One, the representative asked the assembled group of Soldiers, "Is it okay for a man to expect sex from a woman anytime he wants it?"  The Soldiers dutifully replied in sing-songy unison, "Noooo." She then went on ... "Is it okay for a woman to expect sex from a man anytime she wants it?" Again, in unison, the Soldiers (largely a group of males) answered, "Yeeees."

The representative smiled and said, "Of course, the answer is nooooo ..." and went on with her speech. Still, pretty funny. I think some of the Soldiers still don't know what was wrong with their answer.

Two, I was sitting at a picnic table during the Family Advocacy presentation with our guests. A sweet Family was sitting behind us ... Soldier, spouse, and kids. The kids had apparently started acting up because suddenly we heard a loud whisper from the dad: "Just because we're listening to a class on child abuse, don't think I won't whoop up on you! Behave!"

All in all, a superfun day with some wonderful Soldiers and Families. Red Dragons!

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