Friday, May 6, 2011

Red Dragon Warrior Dash V

The Red Dragons competed in their fifth Warrior Dash today and, as always, it was amazing to watch. I am always so proud of our Soldiers and seeing them at top performance, giving their all, is truly a sight to behold. The Warrior Dash has evolved somewhat as more and more Families attend to cheer on their Soldiers and our FRGs have stepped up to provide snacks and drinks to participants and spectators alike.  Music is blaring, Families are cheering and visiting with each other, Soldiers are enjoying snacks and drinks as they wait for their time to run the Warrio Dash ... it's a lot like a grade school field day, albeit the events are more strenuous than your average sack race.

The Dash itself is a series of nine physical fitness tasks along a two-mile route.  Soldiers compete in teams of 2 to complete the tasks, running in between each.  The events include:  box jumps, tire flip, log carry, chain pull, sked pull, HMWWV push, sledge hammer, kettle bell swings, and an artillery round carry.

The Warrior Dash road map
Tire Flip
Chain Pull
Kettle Bells
Lori, Greg, and I chat with Danny and Clint after their run.
Log Carry and 50 overhead presses.
Sked Pull
Pushing an uparmored HMMWV 25 yards ... and back.
25 sledge hammer hits each
Soldiers check their start times.
One of our FRGs with snacks and drinks
Artillery Round Carry

See Nate talk about the Warrior Dash here ...

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