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"Minute to Win It" Birthday Party

Joshua and his cousin, Elizabeth, planned a very fun joint celebration for their 8th birthdays. We hosted it at BLORA in the Live Oak pavilion, which turned out to be a perfect location: lots of room, shade, restrooms, full kitchen, and a stage!

We had 8 different games set out on various picnic tables for the kids to play when they arrived. We covered each table with a plastic tablecover then taped the instructions onto the table and set out all the materials needed for that game. We played two whole group games (Hanky Panky and Junk in the Trunk) then moved to the cupcake station where all the kids chose their cupcake and icing flavors, then had one minute to decorate their cupcakes with a variety of toppings. After that, we all cheered on the dads in the group as they competed in "Paper Dragon." Gift opening and goody bags followed. Goody bags were colored paper bags decorated with stickers that held a "Googly" watch, bubble wand, and balloon punch-ball for each child.

It was a fun time and one that the kids really seemed to enjoy. I am so thankful for these two beautiful eight-year-olds and the joy they bring to our Families!

Ping-Tac-Toe:  Bounce ping pong balls into a set of water-filled cups, tic-tac-toe style. This was Joshua's favorite game of the day.
This Blows:  Using the air from a balloon, push a line of plastic cups off the table.
Suck it Up: Using a straw, suck up and move candies from one plate to another.
Separation Anxiety:  Using one hand and picking up only one candy at a time, separate colored candies into their respective colored plates.  *We added a bonus of eating the brown m&ms since we didn't have a brown plate. =)
Face the Cookie:  Place a cookie (Oreo or Chips Ahoy!) on your forehead.  Using only your facial muscles, move the cookie to your mouth.  This one was hilarious to watch and the kids loved it.
A Bit Dicey:  Holding a popsicle stick in your mouth, balance six dice in a tower for three seconds.  We offered regular popsicle sticks and the shorter, rounded ice cream spoon-style sticks for the younger kids.  Both worked great.
Hanky Panky:  We tied travel-size boxes of tissues to the kids' waists.  Using only one hand and grabbing one tissue at a time, they had to empty their box of tissues.  It was a glorious mess and we had a quick clean-up afterwards where everyone helped pick up the tissues.  Next came Junk in the Trunk where we moved the boxes behind them and added 5 jingle bells to the empty box.  They then had to jump and twist until all of their bells fell out of the box.  Very fun!
Stack Attack:  Stack 36 plastic cups in a pyramid then stack them all back into one stack.
One-Minute Cupcake Decorating:  After icing their cupcakes,the kids were given one minute to decorate their cupcakes however they wanted.  It was lots of messy, yummy fun.
Fun "Minute to Win It" party participants!
Check out our dads as they compete in Paper Dragon!


  1. We did this as part of the entertainment at our Department's annual formal ball! It was great fun, and everyone that participated had a blast while the audience roared with laughter. We did Face the Cookie and Hanky Panky among other games. Junk in the Trunk was the last game before the dancing, to get us all ready for the DJ.


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