Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Maine Troop Greeters

If your Soldier has ever deployed from the continental United States, it is likely that he stopped through an airport in Maine.  And if he stopped in Maine, it is also likely that he had his photo taken by one of the wonderful troop greeters there.  This is a group of highly patriotic and supportive Americans who volunteer to greet our troops as they move into and out of country. 

From the Maine Troop Greeters website:

Welcome to the official website of The Maine Troop Greeters of Bangor, Maine.We are a non-profit group of veterans and men and women supporting our armed forces serving overseas by greeting troops who arrive at Bangor International Airport.

Day or night, rain or shine,it is our commitment to welcome each troop home from war and give a proper send off to each of the young men and women heading overseas. We accomplish this by being here to offer free cell phones to call a loved one, a snack to keep them going, and handshakes to let them know we care.

Since we began greeting flights in May of 2003, the Maine Troop Greeters have greeted over 5800 flights with more than 1,190,000 service members and 296 military dogs. And it is our pledge that as long as there are U.S. armed forces serving overseas we will be here to greet them.
So ... as you can imagine, lots of Family members eagerly check the site to see if their servicemember has a photo there. In the three deployments we've experienced since they began this program, my honey has been posted at least once each time. And each time, it becomes a photo I treasure. Check out some of the latest great works from these fine Americans!

Love this Soldier!
Yep, I even love the ones where I can only see a piece of the side of his head.  :)
Red Dragons!
One last photo from Maine.


  1. These people are amazing!!! My husband spent over 24 hours in that airport recently and I was sooo excited when I saw his picture. :)

  2. Have you seen the documentary “The Way We Get By?”. Its all about the Maine greeters, and some of the struggles they face in their own lives ... and the joy that they get from being a greeter. Such a wonderful and emotional documentary - I would absolutely recommend it!


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