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Passport 2 Purity

The Passport2Purity boxed set
Nate and Trey spent the weekend at Lake Whitney, making their way through a program called "Passport2Purity."  A gift from Nate's mom, it was a wonderful series of talks, activities, and discussions focused on making sure Trey understood what would be occuring over the next months and years ... a.k.a "THE talk."

We decided that Dad would be the best guide for our boys and they planned a fun weekend to conduct it all.  I provided a letter to Trey (in his journal) and helped gather the materials for the various activities.  Nate took it from there.  The weekend included a Friday night dinner out (at Trey's favorite restaurant, Olive Garden) and a drive to Lake Whitney where they stayed in a lake house owned by some family friends.  Five different object lessons were interspersed through a weekend of fishing, hiking, and enjoying time together.

Nate's report is that the program itself is fantastic.  Here are some highlights of their time together:

Friday Night dinner and introduction to the program.
Exploring beautiful Lake Whitney
Project 1 teaches that the Bible is our instruction book for Life through a little competition including two puzzles, two competitors, but only one instruction guide.
Project 2 focuses on the potentially unhealthy influences of peer pressure.
Project 3 digs in a little deeper into the birds and bees ... and demonstrates that they are some things that can only be given away once.
Project 4 shows how even the smallest compromises can lead up to large consequences.
Project 5 demonstrates that unhealthy relationships can destroy the innocence of both people involved.
Trey enjoys another nature walk and shows off his special gift to commemorate the weekend ... a sports watch that includes a digital compass, reminding him of the moral compass he must keep straight.  There is a time for everything under Heaven!
Fishing for dinner
The next best thing to catching your own dinner?  Have a restaurant catch and cook it for you.  Trey loves Buzzard Billy's!


  1. I was so curious to read this because my first thought was "Traci doesn't have any girls.." Man, how much I have to learn and prepare for!! i would love for Chris and Brendan and any other boys that might be added to our family to do this together! you and Nate are amazing parents and so special!! Trey has experienced something not many boys do and especially with their dad. So cool!! Kudos to you and Nate!!

  2. Linda wrote a note on my FB wall sharing how her children had used Passport2Purity with their children. Right after her note, i saw a mutual friend post the link to this site and realized it was your blog. It's so awesome to hear stories like this--parents who are intentional in their relationships with their kids.

    We are missionary staff at FamilyLife, the ones who wrote Passport2Purity. Would you be willing to let me use this experience with staff or in our personal newsletter?

    I'm so touched by the things I've read here. May God bless you and your family. Thank you for the sacrifice you and your family make for our country.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer! It was a wonderful weekend for Nate and Trey and I'm so thankful we were told about this. Nate highly recommends it! The Passport2Purity system would be great for you and your girls, too. You're a wonderfully fabulous friend and I appreciate you!

  4. Hi, Angie. Thank you so much for your comments. I am quite blessed to have an amazing mother in law like Linda and am thankful that she introduced us to this program. It was a wonderful experience for my boys. Please feel free to share this story with anyone you think could benefit from it!


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