Friday, May 27, 2011

Field Day Fun

Whew! I spent the last two days at each of my boys' Field Day events at their schools and had a great time.  Mountain View has a fabulous P.E. program and I am always impressed with the coaches and all the fun things they plan.  This event is all about fun, but includes some crazy physical fitness challenges as well.  It is moderately competitive, in that the classes do split into teams to compete against each other, but there is no hardcore competition ... or awards to be won.

Joshua's Field Day was held on Thursday and it was a beautiful day for it ... warm with a breeze.  Friday showed up with a little more heat, but still with a good breeze, and both days were full of fun.

Joshua with his teacher and his best buddy, Jeffrey.
Finishing strong in the hilarious Rubber Chicken Run!
Joshua, Jack, and Jonathan playing Tip the Hat.
Loving having his picture taken during lunch.  =)
Trey and Judah on the field of competition
Mrs. Griffith's Tug-O-War champions!
Trey enjoying the SnoCone Station
Ready for the tire pull
Lots of Field Day fun!
Water fun in the final stations

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