Monday, October 25, 2010

Sic 'Em, Bears!

Post-Game celebration after a win over Kansas State
It's not easy to be a Baylor Bear football fan.  Not a lot of winning games or seasons to brag about and lots of losses to mourn ... but this year has truly been a fun year to cheer on the Bears!

What a season this has been and what a fabulous homecoming game!!  Read all about this WIN for the Bears and how it made our team eligible for a Bowl Game for the first time since 1994.

Baylor Bear Homecoming Win

Right now, I'm sitting at my computer with a Mack Brown press conference on the television.  I am REALLY enjoying listening to his assessment of Baylor.  It's not often other coaches have much good to say about Baylor and this is fun for me.  Coach Brown just listed some of Baylor's "impressive" stats and said (referring to the Baylor/UT game this weekend), "This is not a week we will have trouble respecting Baylor.  They're ranked.  We're not."

Our boys have worked hard for years but for whatever reason [insert any number of coach/player/fan/random-stranger-on-the-street theories here], they have not been as successful as they'd like to be ... or that we, their loyal fans, would like them to be.

Lots more theories detail the reasons for Baylor's success this year ... superstar QB Robert Griffin III is the center of much talk as is Coach Art Briles.  I don't have personal theories on any of the above dicussions but plan to enjoy the success and continue to cheer on my Bears.

Keep up with the Baylor season at the Baylor University Football website ... and cheer on our Bears as they enjoy a great season of football fun!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Pumpkins

Trey works on his pirate pumpkin.
Madi starts on the Princess Pumpkin.

Joshua shows off his skeleton pumpkin!

The Princess Pumpkin

Trey's completed Pirate Pumpkin!

Jacob with his Frankenstein Pumpkin
The kids made a Witch Pumpkin for MooMoo to keep!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Indoor Entertainment for the Kids

For the past five years, my mom and step-dad have put on a fabulous Halloween party the weekend before the actual holiday.  Crafts, snacks, games, a campfire cookout and a spooky hayride through the woods are highlights of this very fun event.  It's become something to look forward to for the 75+ people who usually attend.  This year was the first year we've had to cancel the party ... Rain, rain, and more rain kept us from decorating, being able to start a campfire, or take the Gator around the wooded trail.

Lots of folks were sorely disappointed.  My cousin's daughter cried when she found out and several friends were left feeling 'stranded' without their annual Halloween party.  Trey was especially concerned as it has become tradition for his dear friend Madilyn to attend the party and spend the night, too.  He was thrilled and relieved to learn that Madi would be able to come whether we had the outdoor party or not.  In the end, the kids still had a good time by improvising indoors.

The kids entertained themselves by ...
... working on some indoor crafts ...

... competing in some indoor gaming ...

... making a Conga line with Landri the Labradooodle ...
... creating pumpkin creatures on the back porch ...
... playing a few games of Pokemon cards ...
... and watching a movie before bedtime!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Randal!

Remembering my brother on his birthday ...
Randal Brant Paclik
October 22, 1980 - August 24, 2001


Randal and me at my high school "Senior Night"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trunk or Treat in the Motor Pool

Our battalion hosted a "Trunk or Treat" in the Motor Pool today. It was a super-fun time ... decorating trick-or-treat bags, making skeleton necklaces and mummy pumpkins, decorating cupcakes, exploring Field Artillery vehicles, a costume parade, and trick-or-treating from the 'trunks' of HMMWVs! LOVE the Red Dragon Families!!

Joshua colors a trick-or-treat bag.

The boys work on skeleton necklaces.

Joshua's bag is ready to be filled with candy!

Cristy and me at the Field Artillery photo stop.  Hooah!

Nate and me with Joshua ... Trey was MIA.

Trey exploring the Ammunition Carrier with Kara.

My baby and me

The HHB battery HMMWV with the company commander and (pirate) 1st Sergeant!

The Alpha Battery HMMWV
The Bravo Battery HMMWV

The Golf Company HMMWV

After the costume parade, the kiddos all gathered for a photo.

Trey checks out the Howitzer.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baylor Football Game

Three cute boys at the Baylor game.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mountain View Fall Festival 2010

2010 Fall Festival at Mountain View Elementary School

Trey pins the nose on the pumpkin.

Joshua changes the game from "catch one" to "see who can catch the most first!"

Face painting is always fun.

Trey with his vampire teeth prize.

Joshua at the Craft Table

Trey in the Cake Walk

Halloween "Boo" Bags at our Coffee

Coffee Group members stuff "Boo" bags with candy, treats, and a letter of invitation from the Coffee Group.
Once all the bags were filled, each person took several bags to secretly deliver to those members who were not present.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Legacy: A Cook Family Acrostic Poem

At church last Sunday, we got a homework assignment!  Every week, we get a summary of ways we can incorporate what we learned that day into our daily routine.  It's a great way to remember the message and lead a more Christ-centered life.  This week, we were encouraged to talk about our church, what we like about it, and why it is important to us.  The homework assignment was to write an acrostic poem using our church name, Legacy, as the poem title. 

Here is our acrostic poem! The boys were adorable doing this ... and felt they needed the opportunity to explain their choices.  So here is what they had to say:

"Loving" because Jesus loves us.

"Esperanza" .... after watching the Chilean miners being pulled to safety. One of the miners had a child born during the time he was trapped underground. He and his wife changed their original idea for the baby girl's name and named her "Esperanza" which means 'hope' in Spanish. Trey says Legacy is providing hope for all the children that we adopted so "hope" should be included!

"God" because ... we worship him.

"Amazing" because ... God is amazing and learning about him at church is amazing ... and starting a church 'from scratch' is amazing ... and meeting in a hockey arena is amazing!

"Cool" because ... everything we do at church is so cool. Getting goody bags with fun activities to help us learn, singing great music, and going to Pump It Up ... it's all very cool.

"Yahoo!" because ... that's how I feel when I get to go to church at Legacy!
This was a great time for us to spend talking about how we are impacted by our church and why we love it so much!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Decor

I joke that decorating for holidays is a genetic disorder that I inherited from my mother.  She's always been fabulous about making holidays feel special and decorating the entire house to fit the season.  My sons now enjoy our own holiday themes and love to help get everything set for a new holiday.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays just because it's purely fun ... and you get lots of candy, of course.  This year's decorations were fun to assemble ... and digging out the 'after-Halloween sale' items from last year is always so much fun!

At the Front Door

Welcome to Spooky Hollow!

Hanging Jack-o-Lanterns are much cuter lit up at night!
Even the Study's shelves get a few decorations.

Dining Room

My favorite spooky scene!

Love the skeletons drinking from our champagne flutes!

More silly skeletons
These guys look like they've had a loooong night.
Family Room
Breakfast Table
The Boys' Bookshelves
This year's project was covering books with fun scrapbooking paper and adding stickers!
Boys' Bathroom
Boys' Bathroom