Friday, October 1, 2010

The Coffee Group

The Army has a long-standing tradition of socializing to build comraderie within individual units.  One way of doing this is hosting unit "Coffees."  The Coffee Group has traditionally been comprised of the spouses of officers and senior enlisted Soldiers.  As quoted in “The Army Wife Handbook,” Alma Powell says, “As wives, if we do not know one another, how will we be able to support one another, and stand together in times of need?”

The typical modern Coffee now consists of spouses (not just wives anymore!) and rarely involves sitting around and drinking the caffeinated beverage; instead, it is about developing friendships among peers and forming a support group.  Coffees can be held in a home, at a restaurant, or at an outside venue.  Typically, the members of the Coffee Group take turns hosting the events, which are held monthly.

In our current unit, we have a wonderful group.  I have been so excited to meet and get to know all of these ladies (no husbands so far) and we have a fabulous time every time we are together.  At our most recent Coffee, we made "Boo" bags to deliver to all the spouses who could not attend.  Our hope is that we can confirm and update addresses on our Coffee roster and ensure that all members feel welcomed into the group.  Love these ladies!
Filling "Boo" bags

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