Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lots of Shopping Fun

We started the day today bright and early, getting to the massive outdoor parking area among the first of the shoppers.  It was crisp and clear and full of potential for great shopping finds!

It didn't take me long to realize what a true Canton novice I am.  No kidding, at one of our first outdoor booths, I was labeled a "Canton virgin!"  Experienced shoppers start early (like us) but also had lightweight wire shopping carts with customized water-proof liners (not like us).  I'm a stroll-and-see kind of shopper and there were legions of on-a-mission kind of shoppers all around me.  It was mostly not an issue, and I quickly learned how to stay out of the uber-shoppers' way. 

We found tons of great shops and the atmosphere was very lively and friendly.  Vendors were nice, not pushy, and co-shoppers were excited to be there, too.  We found personalized signs, blingy jewelry, cute shoes, and custom furniture.  There were shops for kids and college fans and parents and pets and everything in between.  It was super-sized shopping fun and I was happy to have found lots of great items for Christmas gifts.

Later that evening, after the vendors had gone for the day, we headed over to "The Mountain," a fun little village of shops, restaurants, and B&Bs.  Check them out here:

How we entertained ourselves while
waiting on our waitress ...
we had plenty of time!

Once we were hungry for dinner, we weren't sure where to go.  As we were talking about where our options might be, one of the many super-friendly folks from the area offered to take us to a great restaurant in her golf cart (the only transportation allowed on the narrow streets).  We had a great chat with her on the way to a restaurant and winery.  We had a terrible time with service but managed to entertain ourselves by visiting with fellow forgotten diners and a bottle of yummy sangria.

Afterwards, we joined the street block party already in progress all throughout the community ... live music, line dancing, and open shopping.  We had a fabulous time and retired to our hotel room exhausted from a long day of lots of fun.

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  1. Hmm, that sounds fun! At times, part of the fun in shopping is that hectic, busy atmosphere. Seeing people having fun while shopping gives you an urge to do the same, at times.


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