Monday, October 4, 2010

The End of a Fun Weekend

Cristy and me in our blinged out hats!
On Sunday, we found more great vendors and booths and had a great time shopping and visiting with shoppers and sellers alike.  It was such a friendly happy place!

At one shop, Cristy and I both tried on some blinged-out camo clothing.  I told her that if I went home with a purchase of camo pants, I would definitely have some explaining to do!  With a closet full of camo, desert camo, and digital camo, I'd be better off buying a "Bedazzler" and blinging up my own! 

The lady who owned the Camo shop chatted with us as we perused her treasures.  When Cristy told her my husband was in the Army, she asked, "Really?  What's he like to live with?"  That had me stumped for a moment ... and she followed up with, "Is he really rigid and stuffy?"  I almost laughed out loud.  "He's fabulous to live with," I answered, which is true!  Cristy and I laughed later about some people's perceptions of servicemembers.  I guess she imagined my Drill Sergeant husband barking orders at me as he ran his white glove on our furniture to test for dust and attempted to bounce a quarter off our tightly made bed.  If you've ever spent any time in my home, you can imagine how funny that is! 

We strolled through several new areas and shopped until the vendors starting closing down.  At this point, we decided to pack it up ourselves.  I was happy to have found a few great items for my sons and nephews for Christmas and a few stocking stuffers as well.  We made our way back to the parking lot and headed off for home.

We enjoyed the trip back, and still found plenty to chat about, even after spending the past three days together.  At home, my "stuffy" hubby greeted us with hugs, helped unload the car, asked about our trip, and took this cute pic of Cristy and me in one of our Canton finds ... blingy military caps.

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