Thursday, October 14, 2010

Legacy: A Cook Family Acrostic Poem

At church last Sunday, we got a homework assignment!  Every week, we get a summary of ways we can incorporate what we learned that day into our daily routine.  It's a great way to remember the message and lead a more Christ-centered life.  This week, we were encouraged to talk about our church, what we like about it, and why it is important to us.  The homework assignment was to write an acrostic poem using our church name, Legacy, as the poem title. 

Here is our acrostic poem! The boys were adorable doing this ... and felt they needed the opportunity to explain their choices.  So here is what they had to say:

"Loving" because Jesus loves us.

"Esperanza" .... after watching the Chilean miners being pulled to safety. One of the miners had a child born during the time he was trapped underground. He and his wife changed their original idea for the baby girl's name and named her "Esperanza" which means 'hope' in Spanish. Trey says Legacy is providing hope for all the children that we adopted so "hope" should be included!

"God" because ... we worship him.

"Amazing" because ... God is amazing and learning about him at church is amazing ... and starting a church 'from scratch' is amazing ... and meeting in a hockey arena is amazing!

"Cool" because ... everything we do at church is so cool. Getting goody bags with fun activities to help us learn, singing great music, and going to Pump It Up ... it's all very cool.

"Yahoo!" because ... that's how I feel when I get to go to church at Legacy!
This was a great time for us to spend talking about how we are impacted by our church and why we love it so much!


  1. Love this :) Glad to see others out there loving God, especially the young ones that will continue this in the future.

  2. You guys did an awesome job! We had a blast with ours, too. I'll send you a pic. I love our church so much and am so very grateful that we get to be family and church family! Rachel


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