Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Bragging on my Baby

I have to brag just a bit on my sweet little first grader.  He had such a fabulous 1st grade year and is a marvelous little guy.  All As throughout the school year AND he received the "Most Outstanding Student" for his class at the end-of-year awards ceremony.  Plus, he's really super cute.  =)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cub Scout Crossover 2010

Cub Scouts is full of fun traditions and events.  One of my son's favorites is the annual "Crossover" where you cross from one rank to the next ... provided you've accomplished all the tasks for the previous rank.  A big hit is climbing, then crossing over, a hand-made bridge built by our Boy Scout troop on site.  This weekend camp-out is a highlight of the year, with lots of activities and fun for the boys.

Our oldest crossed over to Webelo II this year ... his last rank as a Cub Scout before he makes the decision whether or not to carry on in Boy Scouts.  Scouting is a good match for him as he loves the outdoors, nature, camping, working with his hands, building, creating, and learning new things.

The kids are getting pretty good at setting up tents ...

Although they still get plenty of help from dad!

The boys made omelettes in a bag for breakfast!

Ready for the day's events!


Siblings get into the fun, too!

Practicing posting the colors

Crossover is about to begin!

The boys each cross over the hand-made bridge.

With our fearless den leader!

Showing off their new compass gifts from the pack.

Our den's official silly picture ...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome to the Red Dragon Battalion

Traditionally, new commander's spouses are welcomed into the group with an event sponsored by the unit spouses.  I have planned several of these myself and loved getting the chance to introduce new spouses into our unit Family.

It was a completely different thing for me to actually be welcomed into our new battalion.  I was extremely nervous, but also very anxious to meet all the ladies.  Our battalion XO's wife planned the event and it was absolutely wonderful ... low-key but special, and a fabulous night of meeting fantastic new ladies.   Sending HUGS to all who helped and attended ... I feel very welcomed and very lucky to be a part of such a neat group!

Each lady introduced themselves and placed a flower in a vase etched with the battalion crest.  The vase was my welcome gift ... and I cherish it!  This was such a neat event for me.
Flowers in my battalion vase.
I was so excited to be able to welcome new spouses into our unit!
Our XO's wife farewells one of our ladies with a beautiful stained glass crest.
Look at these lovely ladies in our battalion with some brigade guests, too.
With my sweet Field Artillery sister!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

1st Grade Musical

My youngest was a good sport about having to wear pink shirt for the 1st Grade Musical, but when I asked if he was okay with it, he said, "Sure.  The whole class has to wear them, but I probably won't wear it again."  LOVE that kid!
1st Graders getting ready to perform.
With very proud grandparents.
This is the cutest song I think I've ever seen ... love these kids!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to My Mom

At birth, she was my provider.  From nourishment in the womb to safety as an infant, my mother provided for all of my needs.  She ensured that I was clean, fed, safe, and healthy.  From middle-of-the-night feedings to innumerable diaper changes to singing me to sleep, my mother was my caregiver and provider.

As a young girl, my mother was my teacher.  She taught me the difference between right and wrong, how to say "please" and "thank you" and countless other necessities like how to tie bows, scramble eggs, make a bed, and read and write. 

As I grew older, my mom became my mentor.  I watched as she greeted everyone with a smile and a kind word.  I observed her endless energy, kindness, and service to others.  It seemed that no matter where we went, everyone knew who she was and had a word to say to her.  She listened, laughed, and even cried with her friends, always offering support and encouragement.  I learned how to care for others, be nice to everyone I encountered, and what it meant to be a friend to others.

When I became a young adult, my mother became my friend.  She was always there for me, listened to all my teenage woes, and offered her love, support, time, and tears whenever they were needed.  She waited up for me after every single date and listened to endless stories, worries, and retellings of the innane happenings in my life.  She made me feel important.

Today, my mom is still my friend and now is my forever supporter.  She still tells me she loves and and that she's proud of me and, as always, is present for all the events and ceremonies in my life.  She has shown me a lifetime of love, commitment, encouragement, and support and I could never thank her enough. 

On this Mother's Day, I honor my mom, the one who has been there for me from the very start ... and who continues to be there for me to this day.  I love you, Mom.  Thank you for showing me each day how to be the kind of mom I want my kids to have. 

All My Love,