Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cub Scout Crossover 2010

Cub Scouts is full of fun traditions and events.  One of my son's favorites is the annual "Crossover" where you cross from one rank to the next ... provided you've accomplished all the tasks for the previous rank.  A big hit is climbing, then crossing over, a hand-made bridge built by our Boy Scout troop on site.  This weekend camp-out is a highlight of the year, with lots of activities and fun for the boys.

Our oldest crossed over to Webelo II this year ... his last rank as a Cub Scout before he makes the decision whether or not to carry on in Boy Scouts.  Scouting is a good match for him as he loves the outdoors, nature, camping, working with his hands, building, creating, and learning new things.

The kids are getting pretty good at setting up tents ...

Although they still get plenty of help from dad!

The boys made omelettes in a bag for breakfast!

Ready for the day's events!


Siblings get into the fun, too!

Practicing posting the colors

Crossover is about to begin!

The boys each cross over the hand-made bridge.

With our fearless den leader!

Showing off their new compass gifts from the pack.

Our den's official silly picture ...

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