Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tour of Homes 2016: Unit Trees

A fabulous spouse gave me the idea last year to ask battalions to contribute to the decorating of our family room for the annual Tour of Homes on Fort Sill. I absolutely loved the idea and am eternally grateful to have had spouses willing to jump in and help both years. This year, each of our battalions contributed a 3' tree (provided by me) decorated to represent their unit. I absolutely love them and think this room was --by far-- the coolest thing to see in our home. Tough as Diamonds!

2-4 FA Deep Attack!

3-13 FA Red Dragons!

1-14 FA Steel Warriors!

75th FA Brigade Tough as Diamonds!

2-18 FA Mission Ready!

2-20 FA Deep Strike!

100 BSB Diamond Support!

Deck the Halls 2016