Monday, October 25, 2010

Sic 'Em, Bears!

Post-Game celebration after a win over Kansas State
It's not easy to be a Baylor Bear football fan.  Not a lot of winning games or seasons to brag about and lots of losses to mourn ... but this year has truly been a fun year to cheer on the Bears!

What a season this has been and what a fabulous homecoming game!!  Read all about this WIN for the Bears and how it made our team eligible for a Bowl Game for the first time since 1994.

Baylor Bear Homecoming Win

Right now, I'm sitting at my computer with a Mack Brown press conference on the television.  I am REALLY enjoying listening to his assessment of Baylor.  It's not often other coaches have much good to say about Baylor and this is fun for me.  Coach Brown just listed some of Baylor's "impressive" stats and said (referring to the Baylor/UT game this weekend), "This is not a week we will have trouble respecting Baylor.  They're ranked.  We're not."

Our boys have worked hard for years but for whatever reason [insert any number of coach/player/fan/random-stranger-on-the-street theories here], they have not been as successful as they'd like to be ... or that we, their loyal fans, would like them to be.

Lots more theories detail the reasons for Baylor's success this year ... superstar QB Robert Griffin III is the center of much talk as is Coach Art Briles.  I don't have personal theories on any of the above dicussions but plan to enjoy the success and continue to cheer on my Bears.

Keep up with the Baylor season at the Baylor University Football website ... and cheer on our Bears as they enjoy a great season of football fun!

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