Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Decor

I joke that decorating for holidays is a genetic disorder that I inherited from my mother.  She's always been fabulous about making holidays feel special and decorating the entire house to fit the season.  My sons now enjoy our own holiday themes and love to help get everything set for a new holiday.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays just because it's purely fun ... and you get lots of candy, of course.  This year's decorations were fun to assemble ... and digging out the 'after-Halloween sale' items from last year is always so much fun!

At the Front Door

Welcome to Spooky Hollow!

Hanging Jack-o-Lanterns are much cuter lit up at night!
Even the Study's shelves get a few decorations.

Dining Room

My favorite spooky scene!

Love the skeletons drinking from our champagne flutes!

More silly skeletons
These guys look like they've had a loooong night.
Family Room
Breakfast Table
The Boys' Bookshelves
This year's project was covering books with fun scrapbooking paper and adding stickers!
Boys' Bathroom
Boys' Bathroom


  1. I thought I went all out but you have me beat! Your house looks so cute! I think your breakfast room is my favorite.

  2. Thanks, Sara! It's always fun decorating for the season!


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