Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Prayers from our church family
I've long thought of deployments as a roller coaster ride and, as we begin the cycle of our fourth deployment, that thought is only being confirmed each day.  We're currently at that terrifying first stage ... the ride is ready and we're locked in.  There's no going back, no getting off the ride at the last moment and now we're slowly tick-tick-ticking straight up to the start.  The fear and anticipation of what is to come is enough to take your breath away, but it's really the time to settle in and prepare.

Today was the perfect example of the raw emotions that preceed any deployment.  We have moments of keeping it all together and sometimes even manage to laugh and forget the black cloud that is lurking just above our heads.  Then, we feel a lightning strike of uber-emotional outbursts that come from nowhere and take us all by surprise.  I see the heightened emotions in our boys and feel my own edgy emotions set to burst at any time. 

We spent this morning together relaxing at home.  Nate foraged our breakfast from Shipley's Donuts (much to our sons' delight) and we enjoyed a quiet morning.  Our church planned a "Serve Sunday" today, skipping our normal morning worship and meeting in the afternoon instead to care for the 'forgotten' ... specifically our area widows and widowers at a local nursing home.  It was a real treat for us to visit with so many wonderful people today.  They were clearly thrilled to see us and our kids got to spend some time with a population they don't see very often.  One gentlemen even serenaded us with songs he had written himself.  A great afternoon, for sure.

After our visit, we met in the parking lot for some final comments and a group prayer.  Danny led a prayer for Nate's safe deployment and for the care of our Family while he is gone.  Just as I felt my own tears forming, I noticed Joshua's emotions get the best of him, too.  It was all downhill from there.  Elizabeth, our niece, sobbed in my arms and told me, "I don't want Uncle Nate to go!  It's too long.  It's too much!"  Family after family in our close-knit church hugged us and pledged their continued prayers throughout the year.

Afterwards, I was emotionally exhausted but happy to have so many wonderful people along for this ride with us!


  1. ::hugs:: I've been going thru some of the same types of things....

  2. Thank you! We're all in this together! =)

  3. Tears in my eyes. The anticipation can just be so tough at times. I'm glad you have so many loving people around you.


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