Thursday, May 19, 2011

Card-Carrying Army Kid!

Trey receives his first military ID card!
One unique rite of passage in the military community is the bestowing of the military ID.  For those of us who are spouses, the ID card gets us onto military installations, into commissaries and PX facilities, and proves that we are a 'dependent' of the servicemember.  (Side note: I've never been crazy about the term 'dependent' but it is what it is, I suppose.) 

Children of Army Soldiers are eligible to receive their military ID on their 10th birthday.  Why our oldest is just getting his at the age of 11 & 1/2 is really not a story at all.  I didn't think about it, Nate apparently didn't either, Trey didn't know, and no one has questioned us thus far.  However, in the way that deployments do, all kinds of 'what-will-I-have-to-do-without-you-for-the-next-year' discussions have been generated, and it was decided that getting the ID with dad present was preferred.

For me, locating the information over lunch on my iPhone was not an easy task.  So, like any social-media-savvy girl of today, I asked my Facebook friends.  At 12:07, I posted this message:
I'm betting my Facebook friends can help me before I get off of 'hold' at the Copeland Center. What do I need in order to get Trey his first military ID?
At 12:12, I had my first answer and soon had all the details about office hours, documents to take, and times to avoid.  Isn't Facebook great?  And, yes, I got all of this from Facebook before my call was answered from 'hold' at Copeland.

The ID office is only open until 3:00 on weekdays so Trey was thrilled to miss some school to get his ID card.  Nate met us at the Copeland Center on Fort Hood and we proceeded through the line with ease.  He answered all of the questions, smiled for the camera, and was duly presented his very first military identification card.

We celebrated with a brunch at IHOP (Trey's request) with dad then a quick trip to Barnes and Noble when Nate had to go back to work.  Trey picked out a book for Nate to read on the plane and one little book for himself, then it was back to school.  A day of checking things off the 'to-do' list is always a good day.

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