Monday, May 23, 2011

There's Just Something About S'mores

Ready for some s'mores!
 Really, I do attempt to avoid food as a 'comfort' or 'prize' for my children.  I want to instill solid, healthy, happy lifelong habits in them and want them to know that chocolate is not a wonder drug if you're feeling sad or lonely.  This is my story and I'm sticking to it ...

But there's just something about s'mores that makes us happy.  The smell of the burning wood, watching the flames jump and dance in the dark, guessing which way the smoke will blow next, talking around the campfire ... it's just a happy time.  Add to that some sticky, gooey deliciousness, and you've got yourself a comforting occasion.

We lit a fire in our firepit tonight and sat on our back patio enjoying our time together.  A light breeze, perfectly warm air, and a moonlit night made for a wonderful setting.  The boys talked and played, moving easily from sword fights to wand battles to plain old tag.  Nate and I held hands and watched these amazing little people that we created, and our dogs romped around in the grass, happy to have their people in their yard.  It was a fun evening of simple proportions but one that I already treasure as a favorite memory.

Getting the fire going
The first toasting of the marshmallows commences.
Joshua's s'more is extra gooey.  Yum!
Joshua tears into more chocolate ...
While Trey snags a few more marshmallows.
Such a fun and relaxing evening.
Even Leo enjoyed being a part of the fun.
{Somewhat rare} moments of brotherly friendship!
My handsome boys!

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