Thursday, May 26, 2011

Advice on e-Readers for a Pre-Teen?

My eldest son is an avid reader ... a comment that is so understated, it's almost comical. Because of his crazy love for reading and the constant build-up of mountains of books in his room ... and the family room ... and the kitchen ... and everywhere else he spends any time, I have been thinking that an e-reader might be a good idea for him.  He has an earned reward coming up and I'm considering e-reader options.

I really think the simpler  the better in this scenario ... something he can just read books on ... no WiFi, Internet browser capabilities or chatting functions needed (in my opinion, anyway).  Color is nice, but not entirely necessary either.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Do you have an e-reader you love?  Or don't love?
Amazon Kindle
NOOK Home screen
Barnes & Noble NOOK
Borders KOBO
Sony e-Reader


  1. I want to buy my daughter an e reader. which one would you suggest? which one you picked? HELP

  2. I ended up getting the nook simple touch for my son; it is perfect for him as it's a pure e-reader with no other 'bells and whistles' to distract him. He loves it. Since this post, we also purchased a nook color for my husband and it is perfect for his needs, too (reading books. magazines, and newspapers, email, and web access). Good luck on your quest!


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