Friday, April 29, 2011

Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and there's no volunteer like an Army volunteer! Our unit has an fabulous group of volunteers that are always available to lend a helping hand.  They do amazing things and work hard at keeping our unit Families informed and supported.  Off the top of my head, here are a few of the many things they do ...

At any given time, a volunteer in our unit could be:
  • making phone calls to unit Families
  • planning meetings to keep Families in the information loop
  • decorating for unit events
  • wrapping gifts at the PX during the holidays
  • putting together baby bags for the babies in the battalion
  • baking goodies to sell at bake sales or just to give to Soldiers for their birthday
  • taking all the training required to be able to bake goodies to sell
  • organizing fundraisers
  • taking and posting photos of unit events
  • updating their unit Facebook page
  • completing all required training for leaders in the FRG
  • attending optional but beneficial training to ensure they know of the best resources
  • managing unit funds
  • recruiting other volunteers to join in the fun
  • sending emails filled with resources for Families
  • serving as a point of contact when a Family needs assistance
  • gathering and organizing beneficial resources for Families
  • planning social events to build comraderie in the unit
  • maintaining contact information to make sure they can help Families when needed
  • volunteering to serve on a CARE Team, to care for Families in emergency situations
The list could go on and on, but these are just a few of the wonderful things our volunteers have been doing over the past month and continue to do. 

To show them how much we appreciate them, we hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Social just after our Family Day.  The commanders served ice cream and other tasty goodies and each volunteer received a Certificate of Appreciation and a small gift.  It seems like such a small things for the HUGE things they are doing, but it was necessary to at least let them know how much they are needed and noticed.  They make a big positive impact in the lives of our Soldiers and Families and we can never say thank you enough.
Our female volunteers received a charm bracelet with our unit crest on it.  Our male volunteers received a silver coffee mug engraved with the brigade crest.
Nate and me with some volunteer appreciation gifts.
Nate, Elena, and I hand out volunteer gifts and certificates.  This volunteer, like so many, is always ready to help out!

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