Monday, April 4, 2011

Productive Sunday Afternoon

Trey with his pre-TAKS dinner.
On Sunday afternoon, we gathered with a group of about 20 fun church friends for a yummy lunch at Chuy's (one of my all-time favorite restaurants ... have you had their creamy jalapeno dip?).  It was so fun to visit with old friends, make a couple of new ones, and enjoy a delicious Tex-Mex lunch, too.  As we were visiting, Cristy and I decided a trip to IKEA was in order to scout out some shelving units for our homes.

Nate and I had previously researched and planned to purchase a wall shelving unit for our soon-to-be renovated home office.  (He's really great at home budgets, I'm working on it).  We've been in this home for over five years and have yet to really utilize the wonderful fourth bedroom at the front of our house.  It has been a guest room, then changed into a guest-room-storage-unit, then eventually morphed into a where-is-the-bed?-storage room.  It was not functional as a guest room with all the 'stuff' we had in there, and overnight guests are fairly uncommon.  Since Trey has a double bed and Joshua has a pull-out trundle (that Trey loves to sleep on when he can), we decided Trey's room could become the de facto guest room.

When we got home from our successful shopping trip, Nate put the unit together and moved our computer armoire and lateral filing cabinet into the home office and it looks like it will be a super-nice space!  Since I work from home and on my computer, I feel like I just got a new office. 

After this task was complete, it was time to take Trey out for his traditional pre-TAKS dinner.  For all of you non-Texans or Texans without public school kids, TAKS is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.  It's gotten crazily out-of-hand with enormous stress placed on students, teachers, and administrators to perform well on the test (that includes multiple days of testing various skills on various ages).  Althought I am not a fan of the chaos that surrounds the actual test, I am a big proponent of helping my child succeed ... hence the special dinner.  We choose pasta to enhance Trey's endurance on Test Day and always make sure he gets a good night's sleep and a hot breakfast to fuel his brain for the day.  The rest is up to him ... and I know he'll do great.

Now we're home, kids are in bed, and it's time to reorganize (and de-clutter) all the craziness that has accumulated here in my guest-room-turned-home-office ... on that note, I've got to go.  =)  I'll post renovation pics soon!

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