Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Day, Part IV: M240B Machine Gun Range

Our final station for Family Day was the M240B machine gun range.  We were given a safety briefing and demonstration of the weapon, then proceeded with our one-on-one safety guide to the range.  Everyone was provided ear protection and we shot 100 rounds at the really small target in front of us. 

The Soldier that accompanied me to the range was a consummate professional and helped me get myself organized to shoot.  After a little advice on readjusting my aim, I was able to successfully hit the target!  I was thrilled and was happy to keep my target as we wrapped up our last station.  Hooah!

The M240B Range
Soldiers in the control tower keep us on track.
Demonstration of the M240B machine gun.
Bringing in the rounds
Love the dichotomy of the pink tutu and the automatic weapon!
This is a friend's daughter and it's my favorite photo of the day!
This is MY target!  Hooah!

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