Sunday, April 17, 2011

Four Fun Friends Together Again

Four fun friends together again.
We were thrilled when some good friends called to let us know that they would be in town this weekend.  We met this family in 2005 when our oldest children were starting Kindergarten.  My Trey and their Madi became friends right away and soon established the kind of fun, easy friendship that lasts a lifetime.  They remained in the same classroom for the next three years and continued to be fast friends, even when the teasing started about a boy-girl relationship.  They simply ignored the teasing and continued on in their steady bond of friendship.

Our youngest two children also became friends, entering their Kindergarten class together at Grace Lutheran School.  My Joshua and their Ali have similar personalities and get along beautifully together.  We were very sad to learn that the family was moving in 2008.  Trey, especially, took the announcement hard as he and Madi spent much of their time together and he would miss her terribly.  Fortunately for us, they did not go too far away.  We now have the opportunity to see them on the way to my parents' house and have even made a couple of annual standing dates from the situation.

So, when they let us know they would be in town today, we were all excited to see them.  After sending a text that we could meet for lunch first, the suggestion of Olive Garden came back.  "Trey's favorite!" I wrote.  "Really?  Madi's too!" was the reply. 

We enjoyed a great lunch ... four adults at one end of the table and four very happy kids at the other.  After lunch, we came back to our house to catch up with our friends and allow the kids to play.  And play they did.  They really made the most of their time together and played like happy cousins until it was time for them to head home.  We still miss them so much but know that there are plenty of phone calls, emails, and visits in our future.

Playing Pokemon

Trying to get a good photo ...

... of all four kids at one time ...
... is much harder than it looks ...
... maybe I should just learn to use Photoshop?

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