Friday, April 15, 2011

Kite Day 2011

Every Spring, the boys' school hosts a Kite Day. All kids bring their own kite and they spend their P.E. time flying kites and listening to fun Spring tunes. It's a favorite day for my boys and a fun chance for me to spend time with them at school, outside the classroom.

This year, Lori and Greg were visiting on Kite Day and got to participate as well. Greg worked with Joshua on his 3D airplane kite before Joshua dubbed it inoperable and picked up one of the P.E. 'extra' kites. All was well after that.

Trey and his 5th grade friends played kite doctor for much of the day and enjoyed flying their own kites in the afternoon. It was a fun day and another good memory-making moment in elementary school.

Greg helps Joshua get his kite in the air.

Joshua is a kite master.
Trey gets the P.E. kite ready to go.
Trey's kite takes a dive.

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