Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Day, Part I: The Iraqi Village

The battalion Family Day is, by far, my favorite event in the unit thus far. Our Soldiers planned an amazing day of learning more about what they do on deployment and we had a great time. We met at the 1st Cavalry Division Museum's gazebo and were greeted by my (very handsome) husband.

Each battery then boarded a bus to go to one of four stations. Our battery started at the Iraqi training village where we conducted a dismounted patrol through the village. We were briefed on Iraqi culture and given tips on how to interact with the locals there (and more importantly, how not to offend them). Broken into squads, we were given four different questions to ask and answer. It was such a fun experience and the Soldiers playing the roles of the Iraqis were fabulous. Here's how it went ...

Nate welcomes Red Dragon Families and Friends
This boy loves his daddy!
Brian and Leandra on the bus heading to the Iraqi village.
We receive a briefing on our way to the training village.
Receiving our mission
Playing soccer with the "Iraqi locals" (Soldiers).  The Iraqis greeted us with, "Americans!  Good times!"  My sons developed a (quick) relationship with the Iraqis and were able to find out one of the four questions we were trying to answer ... Who is the most famous soccer player in Iraq?
Charles, talking with the local sheik, discovered the answer to our second question ... Who is the local mayor and where does he live?
My squad (and family!) talking with Iraqi locals about the greatest need in their village ... question number three.
Turns out the shopowner could answer the question we missed ... Who are the 'bad guys' and where do they live?  Kind of an important one, doncha think?  Oops.

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  1. What an exciting day--I love this idea. i've never had the opportunity to do anything like this but it must have been very interesting for you and the kids!


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