Saturday, April 2, 2011

HHB Pre-Deployment Party

Saturdays are so nice.  I love having my whole family together and spending an entire day doing ... well, whatever we want.  I love the unrushed, relaxed atmosphere of a good Saturday.

Today our HHB battery hosted a pre-deployment party at Belton Lake.  It was a really fun time with a cookout and activities for the kids.  My boys loved meeting all the dogs of the battery and now know them all by name.

They also enjoyed the mechanical bull on site and spent a good part of our time there taking turns to see who could last the longest.

Nate and I enjoyed visiting with some amazing families while the boys played.  When I asked one Soldier if he planned on riding the mechanical bull, he replied, "Ma'am, I've worked too hard to get myself ready for this deployment, I'm not chancing an injury on a mechanical bull to keep me from going!"

I met lots of wonderful spouses, too, and loved talking with them and seeing their kids have a fun afternoon.  It is always fun for me to meet Army spouses and hear about their experiences in the military.  No matter where we are from, where we grew up, or how we entered this Army lifestyle, we always have that common bond of loving a Soldier.

Trey hops right on the mechanical bull.

Joshua holds on tight!

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