Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We have a puppy!

After weeks of research, days of debate, and a couple of hours of prep work ... we have a puppy! We adopted a boxer puppy today and love him already.

We used to look at lots of adorable puppies. It's one of the best websites I found in my search and we are so excited to have found our new family member there.

The breeder is in the local area. She was fabulous with us, sending us emails, photos, and giving us lots of fun tips on our new puppy's personality traits. We met her tonight just to see "Simba" ... but came with a new kennel, leash, collar, dog food, and chew toys, um, 'just in case' we wanted to leave with him. She brought one of his litter-mates along for the ride and I seriously considered coming home with two new puppies. Sanity won out in the end, though, and we only have one.

Our 15-year-old Cairn terrier, Shadow, was very patient with him when she met him tonight. I've been worried about her reaction. She was our first 'baby' and we didn't want to stress her out with a rambunctious new addition to her life ... but we decided to gamble with this puppy. She’s very sharp, though, and I honestly think she knew he was ‘ours’ and treated him with tolerance.

Our boys are beyond thrilled. My older boy kept saying, “I just can’t believe he’s really ours!” They have played to exhaustion tonight but still didn’t want to go to bed when it was time. All is quiet on the home front now, though, and we’re looking forward to introducing our puppy into our lives. Wish us luck!

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