Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kids These Days

I guess you're officially old when you start thinking things like "Kids these days ..." but really! Kids these days! I am amazed at the world they are growing up in. A few weeks ago, our family is sitting down to dinner when my first grader turns to me and says, "Mommy, have I told you about my blog?" Really!?! I just figured out blogging (sort of) myself! He does indeed have a blog (along with his entire 1st grade class) and it's wonderful.

Today, my eldest son and I travelled with my brother-in-law and his family (including my fabulous sister-in-law and their three beautiful girls, a six year-old and twin four-year-olds) to Dallas for another cousin's birthday party. The party was wonderful and we had a super time rollerskating, opening gifts, and visiting with family. On the three-hour ride back, we had more fun entertaining each other in the car. At one point, one of the twins asks me, "Aunt Traci, Can I use your iPhone to text Uncle Nate?"

Wow. I was in a state of shock. First graders blogging, four-year-olds texting ... I am now officially old! I remember the absolute joy of receiving an electric TYPEWRITER for Christmas when I was in junior high school and thrilled that it had self-correction tape! How the world has changed. Here I was thinking myself so edgy for having a Facebook, Twitter, AND GoodReads account! =)

I can only imagine what my kids will be teaching me in a few years ... and I look forward to blogging about it!

Oh, and I did let my niece text my hubby ... Here is what she had to say:

dkyutnn,eooo lseifuyodll jdieiiia;wii a'///12//1//


112k39adk oiiiii aleiiipp[whakakk akd


  1. I agree! My little cousins were playing computer games before they could even read. They knew what the "play" and "enter" buttons looked like by heart. Little kids with cell phones even get me (and I'm only 26, but that makes me feel old). I was 14 when I got my first Nokia brick cell phone. No texting. Only for emergencies because I had a hardship license and could drive my brother to school and pick up an onion at the grocery store on the way home. And now little kids have phones to text their friends. I just cringe at the age my future children will start asking for phones.

  2. Sara ... my ten year old says he is already so behind-the-times because he doesn't have a cell phone. Everytime he asks for one, this is the conversation we have:

    Me: Who do you need to call?
    Him: You.
    Me: I am with you all the time.
    Him: Not at school.
    Me: They allow you to use their phone there.
    Him: *sigh* Fine.

    Really? Yikes! And, don't feel old. I remember driving at 16 and having to stop and use a quarter for a pay phone to call my mom on my way home!!


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