Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

The boys' wish came true today ... not that school was cancelled (although that would have avoided a lot of hassle) but that school was released early for SNOW! It hasn't snowed much here since that infamous snowy Easter several years ago (I did get some really great photos of bluebonnets -- the state flower of Texas that only blooms a few months each Spring -- covered in snow), so today was a truly special treat for us.

We saw a little snow on Christmas Eve this year in Dallas, but here ... HERE it's a full day of snowman-building, snow-fort constructing, snowball fighting, sledding down driveways and lots of hot chocolate and snuggling in between. Enjoy the show!

Thanks for stopping by to read. Hope you're all having a wonderful and warm Tuesday out there!


  1. Nice pictures! It's snowed a lot in Dallas this year from what i'm hearing. Snow is so pretty when it first falls.

  2. It was beautiful yesterday! Today, it's muddy and messy! =)

  3. we have snow today here today in Fort Campbell....go away snow!!! the floridian girl in me has had enough!

    thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog! i have a sony alpha DSLR. i don't like it much. my next camera will definitely be either a canon or a nikon. if you want an everyday camera for mommy shots i would recommend the canon rebel. it's great and inexpensive compared to the other models.

    take care!!!!

  4. Thanks, Melissa! Appreciate your comment and advice. I'm off to take a look at the Rebel online!


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