Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beware of the Yellow Snow!

As I write this, yesterday's snow is melting so fast in the 48 degree sunshine that it looks and sounds like it's raining outside. Add to that the artillery that is ba-bamooming out of Fort Hood and you'd think it was a regular thunderstorm ... until you look outside. After yesterday's grey, snowy day, it is bright and sunny today. Snow is melting fast and only one of our three snowmen still stands. The boys will be slushing around in the mud after school today looking for remnants of their frozen playland, but I fear all they'll find is a big mess.

I'm amused by the amount of hot chocolate we went through yesterday ... as if trying to stuff an entire winter season into one twenty-four-hour-period. My boys and their dad spent a vast majority of the day outside in the snow, with me popping into and out of the scene, taking photos, replacing soaked winter gear, gathering snowman couture, and yes, making more hot chocolate.

In a twist of humor, one of the funniest moment yesterday during our early-out-snow-day was actually captured on film. The boys were playing the backyard with the dogs ... our puppy LOVED the snow, incidentally, and hated to come in, even when overtaken by full-body shivers. My youngest son is running in the yard and suddenly halts and says, "Is that yellow snow?" ... I'll let you watch the rest. I thought it was hilarious. And, to my knowledge, no one ate or otherwise engaged the yellow snow. =)

Stay warm out there ... and, as always, beware the yellow snow.


  1. You guys got lots more than we did! The girls are totally cracking up at the yellow snow. Elizabeth said, "I know what that is!" And Emma asked, "Yellow ice cream?" Big sister was quick to educate her little sisters :)

  2. Rachel, that is too funny!! I'll have to send you the first video where Leo actually marks this yellow spot! LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog posts and seeing the cute photos. Please, pretty please, keep posting! =)

  3. Cute video! Your kids look adorable.

  4. Thank you, Michelle! Every momma likes to hear how cute her kids are. ;)


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