Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Birthday Boy Hits Double Digits!

My precious first-born turns ten years old today. Since I tend to be gushy and sentimental, this one was bound to hit me hard.

I guess all moms can remember every detail of their babies for decades after they are born? I reminisced through finding out we were pregnant (just home from a year in Korea and complaining that "I just can't get used to the time change ... I'm exhausted all the time!") to delivering him (sparing the details, it was a quick delivery but a high-risk one with both of us on Magnesium to curb preeclampsia-induced seizuers) to his life highlights (learning to crawl, walk, getting -- then losing -- his first tooth, first day of Kindergarten, learning to read, ride a bike, joining scouts, and on and on).

We've always enjoyed celebrating birthdays, too. In fact, each birthday starts with the birth video (don't freak out; it starts just after the baby is born and shows his first hour of life). Next comes a remembrance of all birthday parties past ... for this child:

One: Puppy Party at home
Two: Train Party at home
Three: Jungle Party at Flippin' Frogs in Savannah
Four: Dinosaur Party at Skukuzoo in Savannah
Five: Science Party at Science City in Kansas City
Six: Fossil Party at Cameron Park Zoo in Waco
Seven: Pokemon Party at Gatti-Land in Round Rock
Eight: Bounce-House Party in Temple
Nine: Star Wars Party at Texas Tumblers Gym
Ten: Rollerskating Party at the Roller Rink

Whew! I'm hoping we move someplace really cool next to add to his list of fun parties. We've pretty much exhausted our options here, I think. =)

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