Monday, February 22, 2010

Puppy Update

If you are a die-hard dog-lover, I should have some great posts for you as I gush about our precious new puppy. If you're not, you may want to just skip anything tagged "puppy" or "Leo" ... it'll save you some time. =)

New puppy Boxer Leo and fifteen-year-old Cairn Terrier Shadow are really getting along well ... Shadow is showing more spunk with a puppy in the house than she has in years. She often initiates play, grabbing one of Leo's toys and running off with it so he'll chase her (which he always does). Leo, for his part, is a wonderful addition to the family. He is learning his place in the hierarchy well and makes life very fun for all of us.

It's funny to me how dogs, pack animals that they are, instinctively know things like: Daddy is the alpha male, the current dog rules over me, and I have to find my place to fit in with my new 'pack.' Leo understands that Daddy is alpha male, that I rank next (and that I am his primary source of food!), and that Shadow is his elder. He is respectful of her and one bark or growl from her causes him to sit and listen immediately.

He's still working out his place with our boys. One boy is more timid than the other so Leo still tries to show some dominance over this one. We're working with them both to get that straightened out, but it's still funny to see this little puppy problem-solving in his own way.

In this video, Shadow and Leo play outside in the backyard.

Leo has now been with us for two weeks and seems to grow by the minute. I swear sometimes he'll wake up from a nap and be bigger than when he fell asleep! Here's to many more fun puppy days!


  1. How cute is that:-) Our Zara does the same thing as Leo jumps and walks over the older dog. Sisu is patient but it is funny still to see them play. Zara is bigger but still lets Sisu be the "boss". We also lovingly call Zara the "virus" because she just will not stop or get out of your face. She is all love though. I just love pups and doggies. Love your blog.

  2. Thanks, Petra! I love the "virus" ... that seems to be Leo right now; at least Shadow thinks so!


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