Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trey Graduates from Elementary School!

Trey reached a major milestone in his life today, graduating from the 5th grade, ready and prepared for the joys and challenges of middle school. He started at Mountain View Elementary School in Kindergarten and completed all six years at the same school. Quite a feat in our Army community!

Here's HUGS and huge thank yous to the teachers who taught, led, guided, cared for, loved, and encouraged my boy through these years ...
Mrs. Atkisson
Mrs. Hagey
Mrs. Stork
Mrs. Mellberg
Mrs. Cameron
Mrs. Vangroll
Mrs. Griffith
Mrs. Hill

You will always have a special place in our hearts (and a special place in heaven!) for your patience, kindess, and concern for these students. Thank you!

Trey receives his Elementary School diploma.
My baby is going to Middle School next year!
Trey with Mrs. Griffith, his wonderful 5th grade teacher.
Trey with Mrs. Varljen, his principal for the past six years.
Proud grandparents!
I sure do love this boy!

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