Thursday, June 16, 2011

Exceptional Educators

My mother spent 26 years dedicating her life to the education and fulfillment of students in public schools.  She loved them and cared for them, and she taught them, too.  Her motivation was finding the best in each individual child and ensuring that each student reached their fullest potential.  Her classroom was a bright, happy, safe place to learn and her students flourished under her care.  I grew up admiring her constant energy and devotion and love for children.  These are a couple of poems written by this marvelous woman, amazing mother, and exception educator.  Enjoy!

Make My Day

No two children are exactly the same,
No two children have exactly the same name.
No two children learn in the same way,
But every child can make your day.

~ Gilda Leigh Warlick

Look at the Heart

Look past the problem and into his heart.
Look to his feelings to start doing your part.

How do you know what he's been through that morning?
Maybe it's your caring that has his soul yearning
For something he isn't getting at home;
And for that something, to you he has come.

Look into his eyes past the hurt and the pain.
Find reasons to praise so his pride he'll regain.
There may be reasons, for today he's not learning,
Maybe a heart is broken or a stomach is churning.
He's turning to you for his comfort and calm.
Your love and understanding can be a healing balm.

Reading isn't all you are teaching,
Love for each other and life you'll be preaching.
"If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all,"
You'll hear yourself say.
And that will become your motto for each day.

You hope your example will be enough,
Though somedays are rough,
And kids can be tough.

Let them see your love for them shining through your eyes.
So "We love our teacher!" can be heard in their cries.
Look into his soul to see what therein lies.

~ Gilda Leigh Warlick

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  1. Your Mother sounds like an exceptional teacher & person!!! God bless her!!


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