Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Day in 4 Photos

We started the day at the Harker Heights Medical Center ~ LOVE this place!! It's like they collected the very best of all medical professionals and put them all in this one building.  They are simply fabulous! 

In this photo, my boys bond with another DSi-loving child in the waiting room.  I finished up blood work for my annual exam and Trey completed his Boy Scout physical and is ready to go to First-Year Camp next week!
Trey and I dropped Joshua off at his friend's house for a birthday party then made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for yellow ribbon, stickers, and this Plaster-of-Paris imposter.  We hope it will be able to hold our tree branches in place for our "Wishing Tree" crafts for battalion kids tomorrow night. 

Trey and I both adore Hobby Lobby and miraculously bought only what we came to buy!  (You're welcome, Honey!)
After we finished at Hobby Lobby, Trey and returned to the birthday party.  I really enjoyed visiting with three of my favorite Second Grade (oops! Third Grade now!) moms and Trey loved being a part of the Nerf Gun War party.  It was  a fun afternoon for everyone.  Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!
We trekked to Hutto to Uncle Danny and Aunt Rachel's house to help create these "wishing trees-to-be' using soup cans, branches lovingly cut and shaped by wonderful friends (Thanks, Kendal and Cristy!!), and "Pottery Plaster" ... whose label warned of probable limb amputation if used incorrectly.  Nice.  Even better that we were helped by seven small children!  =) 

Once complete, we headed home, stopping at Cowboy's BBQ in Salado for a yummy dinner.  Fun and productive day all around!


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