Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Describe the Perfect Dad

How can you describe the perfect dad?

You'd have to start with the man before he was a dad, before he was a husband, even back to when he was a kid himself.  What kind of child would he have been?  He would have been smart, adventurous, and fun, getting into all the messy trouble that young boys do.  He would love sports and the outdoors.  He would grow up with skinned knees, traveling by bicycle, and loving a game of backyard ball.  He would be a good student, a happy son, and a fun kid to be around.  He would have parents who loved him and brought him up to be independent, confident, and wise.

The perfect dad would grow up from a charming child into a terrific teenager ... popular, smart, and handsome.  He would have been a great date in high school and have had a long line of admirers.  He would be a school athlete and a great student.  He would study hard, set goals then achieve them, and be active in a variety of activities.  He would sing in the church choir, act in school plays, captain athletic teams, and win dozens of awards in both sports and academics.  He would be a school favorite and know exactly what he wanted to do with his life by the time high school came to a close.

He would then go far away to college to follow his dreams, building his character, expanding his horizons, and learning to be a great leader.  He would learn discipline, teamwork, and the virtues of duty, honor, and country.  He would select his lifemate carefully during this time and then ensure that she always felt cherished and loved.  He would marry her when college years were complete then enter the noble work of service to a country he loves.

He would quickly prove himself as an outstanding leader, understanding his role perfectly and caring immensely for those he leads.  He would easily balance work and home, loving his wife and exhibiting limitless patience, love, and care for her.  They would have a happy, carefree love that gained strength through every trial and never faltered under stress.
This perfect dad-to-be would be hardworking and reliable, always giving his absolute best at work yet having plenty of time and attention left over for those he loves. He would be honest and trustworthy ... someone you could always talk to, tell your secrets to, and he would forever keep your confidences safe. He would love God first and be a man of faith, standing on the rock of Christ's love. 

How now to describe the perfect dad?  You would have to describe those first few days after he became a dad for the very first time ... the endless nights, singing the baby to sleep, and countless diaper changes.  He'd be the dad who got up at night to comfort the baby, even when he was the one heading off to work the next day.  In no time at all, he would have mastered the art of baby bathing, feeding, burping, and dressing.  He could hear the baby's whimpers at night and calm even the crankiest infant.  He would continuously pamper the baby's mother, too, knowing that a strong marriage is the best gift any dad can give his child.
The perfect dad would be duly equipped with an abiding sense of humor.  He would have a great laugh and enjoy life with every part of his being.  He would enjoy every moment of fatherhood and be humble and thankful for the blessings in his life.  When he becomes a father for the second time, he swells with pride and is eternally grateful for his two wonderful sons.
Now the perfect dad really shines.  He is the perfect example to his sons and is forever involved in their lives and interests.  He coaches their sports, encourages their talents, and explores their hobbies with them.  He reads to them at night, hugs them in the morning, and is always there to pick them up when they fall.  He learns every minute detail of their personalities and makes their lives his lifelong study.  He is a great coach, comfortor, and confidante. 
He devotes his life to being the leader that God created him to be.  He is smart, organized, and dedicated.  He divides his time between leading our nation's finest citizens, United States Soldiers, and leading his family in life and love.  In the eyes of his wife and his sons, he cannot be matched.  Their love, admiration, and loyalty to him knows no bounds.  He is adored and deserves every ounce of joy in his life.  He is the perfect dad.

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  1. I just love this blog -- so beautifully written! You and Nate are both such amazing people and fantastic parents!


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