Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When They Were Babies

I remember watching this baby sleep,
His eyes are closed,
With baby-fine lashes fanned across his sweet soft face ...
Sweet baby breaths coming soft and slow,
Chest rising and falling with my own.

He dreams his baby dreams,
Lips pucker then smile,
And I take a long deep breath,
Taking in his sweet powdery scent.

My baby.
My boy.
My son.

Tiny fingers curl around my hand,
Eyelids flutter then rest, completely at peace.
He trusts me completely.
He knows no pain, no regret.

I am in love with him.
I cannot help it.
His fluttering heartbeat is like oxygen to me,
A lifeline to my soul.

I thank God for him,
For his life, his love, his trust.
I pray that I can raise him well,
And guide him along life's bumpy roads.

He is my baby.
My boy.
My son.

And I love him.


  1. This post took my breath away! I love how you haven't forgotten what is was like when they were just babies. I have that fear with little Em that I won't remember the tiny, wonderful details of these days.

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