Thursday, February 17, 2011

'J' is for Joshua

Joshua's name acrostic
When I was at the boys' school today, I snapped this picture of Joshua's name acrostic displayed in his classroom.  Interesting choice of words, I think.

J elis
O wtstading
S weet
H appy
U Can find me at soccer
A nt piles I don't like

J is for 'jealous' ... not sure what that one means, but I LOVE this poem!  My favorite is "U Can find me at soccer."  So cute.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Second Grade Valentine's Ball

My 2nd Grade Valentine and Me
At the boys' school, the entire 2nd grade class participates in a Valentine's Day Ball.  They even take ballroom dancing lessons in PE in preparation for the big day.  My second grader has been less than thrilled with the whole process.  Mysterious stomach ailments would hit on PE days and long, drawn-out stories of the horrors of dancing with a (gasp!) ... girl ... were repeated each PE day for weeks.  He survived, though, and was able to attend the Ball.  He told me as we were walking in that he MIGHT square dance (another PE activity) but was absolutely NOT going to ballroom dance with ANYONE, not even me and not even ANYBODY.  Fortunately for Joshua (and many like him), there were fun crafts, yummy snacks, and lots of room to run around in addition to dancing.
Crafts included making a flower from cupcake holders and a lollipop, making a rose from Hershey's Kisses and pipe cleaners, and using stickers to create a photo f rame and a bookmark.
Joshua enjoyed the snacks at the Valentine Ball.
Fun Times at the Second Grade Ball!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award

Trey's Arrow of Light award, made with his own two hands.
The highest award honored in Cub Scouts is the Arrow of Light, representing a culmination of five years of scouting achievements.  My sweet Trey completed his Cub Scout years this weekend with a wonderful Arrow of Light ceremony and campfire.  I'm so proud of all he has accomplished and I'm thrilled with his continued dedication to scouting.  Good work, my wonderful son!

The Arrow of Light awards for Den 11, Pack 255 of Harker Heights.
Receiving the Arrow of Light awards.
Congratulations, Newest Boy Scouts!

Joshua congratulates his big brother.

Trey with his friend Clayton and their new BOY Scout Troop members.
Congratulations to my new Boy Scout!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trey Turns Eleven

Trey had a wonderful 11th birthday party today. He chose Boulder's Rock Climbing Center in Harker Heights and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, icy storms in north Texas kept two sets of grandparents and a few cousins from being able to attend. We were sad to miss them today but are glad they are safe in their homes.

Our family has been battling some flu-like symptoms so I am happy we all were able to make it to the party and really had a fun time. Happy Birthday, Trey!

Happy 11th Birthday, Trey Cook!
Trey loves rock-climbing right away.
Joshua nears to the top!
We were soooo happy Mr. Tito was home on R&R!
Our fabulous friends, Tim & Amelia with Clayton (and Cecilia-to-be!)
Yay that Nate's cousin, Jay and his beautiful family, Malin, Wesley and Emil, could join us!
We love Uncle Mike and Aunt Carole Ann!
We love Uncle Danny and Aunt Rachel, too!
Abby jumps right into rock-climbing.
Look how high Lizzie climbs!
There's Emma on the wall!
Hannah gets her climb on!

Brody is climbing high.

There was no height too high for Makayla!

Linda Salinas is fearless.

Judah Baptiste gears up for the climb.

Carter climbs straight up.
Granddad the Belayer
A few fun friends hungry from rock-climbing.
Happy Birthday to our Firstborn!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Disgusting Science on a Snow Day

Joshua with his Disgusting Science Kit
In one of many odd phrases heard around my house, today I hear my 2nd grader (who is thrilled to be home on a snow day from school), say, "Look! The balloon pooped on the paper plate!"

Since we're all recovering from two weeks of illness, I only allowed a few minutes of snow play this morning and am torturing my children by not letting them play outside anymore.  Trey is cozy with Leo watching movies ...
Trey and Leo
And Joshua decides to get out his "Disgusting Science" kit.  After reviewing several options, he decided on the one we had all the materials for ... he's quite smart like that.  =)

Titled "Disgusting Digestion," it was conducted like this:  Cover the inside of a balloon with cooking oil then drain any extra oil.  Tear pieces of bread into small pieces and 'feed' it into the balloon (stomach).  Add a few drops of vinegar (stomach acids) and knead the balloon (digestion).  After the bread feels doughy inside the balloon, squeeze the bread out of the balloon opening (umm, bowel movement).

So ... that's how our newest odd phrase was coined ... "Look!  The balloon pooped on the paper plate!"

If this sounds just fascinating to you, please get your own kit here ...