Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trey Turns Eleven

Trey had a wonderful 11th birthday party today. He chose Boulder's Rock Climbing Center in Harker Heights and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, icy storms in north Texas kept two sets of grandparents and a few cousins from being able to attend. We were sad to miss them today but are glad they are safe in their homes.

Our family has been battling some flu-like symptoms so I am happy we all were able to make it to the party and really had a fun time. Happy Birthday, Trey!

Happy 11th Birthday, Trey Cook!
Trey loves rock-climbing right away.
Joshua nears to the top!
We were soooo happy Mr. Tito was home on R&R!
Our fabulous friends, Tim & Amelia with Clayton (and Cecilia-to-be!)
Yay that Nate's cousin, Jay and his beautiful family, Malin, Wesley and Emil, could join us!
We love Uncle Mike and Aunt Carole Ann!
We love Uncle Danny and Aunt Rachel, too!
Abby jumps right into rock-climbing.
Look how high Lizzie climbs!
There's Emma on the wall!
Hannah gets her climb on!

Brody is climbing high.

There was no height too high for Makayla!

Linda Salinas is fearless.

Judah Baptiste gears up for the climb.

Carter climbs straight up.
Granddad the Belayer
A few fun friends hungry from rock-climbing.
Happy Birthday to our Firstborn!

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