Monday, February 14, 2011

Second Grade Valentine's Ball

My 2nd Grade Valentine and Me
At the boys' school, the entire 2nd grade class participates in a Valentine's Day Ball.  They even take ballroom dancing lessons in PE in preparation for the big day.  My second grader has been less than thrilled with the whole process.  Mysterious stomach ailments would hit on PE days and long, drawn-out stories of the horrors of dancing with a (gasp!) ... girl ... were repeated each PE day for weeks.  He survived, though, and was able to attend the Ball.  He told me as we were walking in that he MIGHT square dance (another PE activity) but was absolutely NOT going to ballroom dance with ANYONE, not even me and not even ANYBODY.  Fortunately for Joshua (and many like him), there were fun crafts, yummy snacks, and lots of room to run around in addition to dancing.
Crafts included making a flower from cupcake holders and a lollipop, making a rose from Hershey's Kisses and pipe cleaners, and using stickers to create a photo f rame and a bookmark.
Joshua enjoyed the snacks at the Valentine Ball.
Fun Times at the Second Grade Ball!

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