Friday, February 4, 2011

Disgusting Science on a Snow Day

Joshua with his Disgusting Science Kit
In one of many odd phrases heard around my house, today I hear my 2nd grader (who is thrilled to be home on a snow day from school), say, "Look! The balloon pooped on the paper plate!"

Since we're all recovering from two weeks of illness, I only allowed a few minutes of snow play this morning and am torturing my children by not letting them play outside anymore.  Trey is cozy with Leo watching movies ...
Trey and Leo
And Joshua decides to get out his "Disgusting Science" kit.  After reviewing several options, he decided on the one we had all the materials for ... he's quite smart like that.  =)

Titled "Disgusting Digestion," it was conducted like this:  Cover the inside of a balloon with cooking oil then drain any extra oil.  Tear pieces of bread into small pieces and 'feed' it into the balloon (stomach).  Add a few drops of vinegar (stomach acids) and knead the balloon (digestion).  After the bread feels doughy inside the balloon, squeeze the bread out of the balloon opening (umm, bowel movement).

So ... that's how our newest odd phrase was coined ... "Look!  The balloon pooped on the paper plate!"

If this sounds just fascinating to you, please get your own kit here ...

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