Thursday, November 24, 2011

Welcome Home 2011

We had a hyper-happy Thanksgiving this year as Nate returned from Iraq on Thanksgiving Day! His entire family was able to be there to greet him and it was a simply glorious day. Welcome home, Soldier!


  1. I am so happy for you & all the other families who's soldiers came home! Great job soldiers! From another army wife whi's been through those trenches!! God bless them all, and may God be with them all as they begin to adjust to the civialian life again.

  2. What a awesome way to spend your Thanksgiving, My bestfriends Husband returned on Thanksgiving day as well to Ft. Hood from Iraq!!!!
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  4. Congrats! It seems he made a great job for the country and everybody saw that. He looks so happy with the family! Last year I travelled to Argentina and decided to rent apartments in buenos aires . In one of them, the family of a soldier was in the same building as me and when he returned home everybody cheered the moment!


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