Friday, November 18, 2011

Joshua's "Hero Box"

In Joshua's 3rd grade class, they were assigned a "Hero Box" project ... Think of the bravest, strongest, smartest person you know and create a box describing why that person is your hero. No surprise that Joshua chose his brave, strong, smart, heroic father for his topic. It was so sweet to watch him put this together ... and I know Nate is honored to be the hero in his son's life.

Joshua's school project ... a "Hero Box" describing your hero.

Joshua shows off the front of his 'hero box.'

The top of the box

The bottom of the box


  1. lovely project from a sweet child....


  2. Joshua, Your father and his fellow service members are our heros too. You should be very proud to have a dad protects all of us, just as he should be very proud of his son. The next time you speak to him please tell him Thank You from all of us at 1 of a million.


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