Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Longhouse Project

This is the first year that my younger son has had a teacher that also taught my older son. It's been fun to relive the 3rd Grade with Mrs. Cameron, a teacher that both my children have really liked. One of the units that she teaches is based on the book, Indian in the Cupboard. The project that goes along with this book is for partners to create an Iroquois Longhouse using as many natural products as possible, complete with models of the Indians and various artifacts.  Joshua, my purist and rule-follower, had to be convinced that glue was allowed ("after all, you can't just go pick GLUE out of nature, Mom!") ... but he finally consented that it was made of enough natural materials to use.

He and his friend Caleb researched, planned, and created their longhouse largely on their own.  They did get assistance with hot glue but carried out their plan independently.  They had a good time working together and some of their conversations were hilarious.

J: I want to paint the fire.
C: You painted the last one. Let me paint this one.
J: Okay, fine.
C: Thanks. So you really like to paint, huh?
J: Caleb, EVERYBODY likes to paint.
C: Nuh-uh.
J: Uh-huh. WHO doesn't like to paint?!

For fun, here is a photo of Trey's Longhouse project circa 2008.  =)


  1. Very interesting. My daughter is actually going into 6th grade and will be taught by my older son's teacher!

  2. it looks great! good job u guys.good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for your project


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