Monday, November 14, 2011

The Single Soldier Project

There are so many exciting things happening with Soldiers get ready to come home from a deployment. One of the projects our FRG has taken on is providing gift baskets for every single Soldier returning to a barracks room. When they arrive, exhausted from a long flight and even longer deployment, we want them to feel a warm welcome home. Since they aren't allowed to drive for the first day or so (and many can't get to their stored vehicles anyway), we wanted them to have a few survival items and some yummy snacks to get through those first days home.

Phase I of this project is fundraising.  Because this is for a specific group within our FRG (only single Soldiers), we needed to raise funds for this specific project.  Our answer (taken from several other groups at Fort Hood who have hosted similar projects) was to have a "Sponsor a Single Soldier" fundraiser.  Our unit Families were invited to sponsor a basket for $35.00 or donate items to be placed in the baskets.  It was a HUGE success and we were able to get everything we needed for these heroes.

We are very excited and cannot wait to welcome these heroes home!

This was the flyer we used to tell our Families about the project.


  1. I love this! Do you have this in PDF by chance so we can change it and use it for our group? You have the best ideas! Thanks so much!

  2. Jennifer, I just sent you an email with a .JPG of the flyer and the PowerPoint slide we used (which can easily be modified). Enjoy!


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