Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trey Sees His Audiologist and Otolaryngologist

Trey is ready to test.
He repeats words and clicks the button when he hears 'beeps.'
Since Trey had his third tympanoplasty in November, it was time for him to see the audiologist at Darnall to check his hearing.  I am convinced that having a book in his hand is much more detrimental to his hearing than surgical procedures on his eardrums, but it was time to test regardless.

The audiologist was fabulous with him, answering his string of questions and making him feel right at home in the tiny, sound-proof, dark, enclosed room where he tested. 

It turns out that his hearing is normal in both ears!  We are so thankful that his hearing has not been adversely affected by the surgeries.  His right ear (which all three surgeries were performed on) shows slightly less hearing than his left, but is well within the normal range ... and is typical for a surgical ear.

As we were leaving, we saw Trey's Otolaryngologist (which is one of Trey's favorite people AND one of his favorite words).  He took a look in both ears and declared Trey good to go!  Trey is thrilled at the prospect of a Texas summer with full swimming privileges ... no earplugs, no ear drops, and no restrictions!  It's a good, good day.

Information on Tympanoplasty

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