Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Two: Universal Studios Orlando

On Day Two, we headed over to Universal Studios Orlando for another fun-packed day in Orlando. We loved Shrek in 4D and Cat in the Hat story ride but our all-time favorite of the day was E.T. Adventure where we got to experience E.T. including riding our bikes over the town with E.T.! It was a lot of fun. Trey and Nate enjoyed Jaws and Twister: Ride It Out and we all had fun in Men In Black: Alien Attack.

We watched Beetlejuice's Graveyard Review and went to the Blues Brothers Chicago-Style street party. We all enjoyed the Animal Actors show, meeting some famouse animal actors. Interestingly, the boys' favorite area was Fievel's Playground where all the toys were huge and oversized (giving us a mouse's perspective). There were no lines and the boys could just run and play freely. I'm sure there's an object lesson in there somewhere, but there is no time to ponder now. Off to more fun ...

Nate and boys at Universal Studios Orlando.
Yes, Trey did read the inside of this gi-normous book!
One of Joshua's favorites of the day: Waterslide
Joshua with the pug from Men in Black!
Trey, my bird-trainer to be!
Fun 50s-style diner for lunch.
And a nice swim to round out the day ...

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