Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puppy Palooza!

Danny and Rachel's golden retriever, Zoe, had a litter of 8 adorable puppies in early March. She was bred with a standard poodle for a batch of beautiful Golden Doodles! After church today, all the Cook cousins were able to see these three-week-old little bundles of puppy joy. It was a fun afternoon for everyone, puppies included!
Hannah and me with one of the new puppies.

Joshua and Lizzie with two black puppies.
Aunt Carole Ann with Emma and a puppy.
8 new puppies for 8 little cousins
Zoe is a proud momma.
Exhausted puppies after an afternoon of play!
If you're interested in these puppies or the breeder of golden doodles, the website is: Snicker's Doodles.

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