Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This Spring Break we decided to go all-out and take a trip to Disney in Florida. This is our first full-fledged Disney vacation and we were all very excited. The boys (and I!) were very excited about the new "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" section of Universal Studios and planned this for our first day in Orlando.

Trey has read the entire Harry Potter book series three times and has seen all of the movies. I've read the series (just once) and watched the movies with him. Joshua has read the first three books and seen the first three movies. Trey and I went on a Mom/Son date to see HP7 when it came out and have another date planned when the final movie comes out this summer. Nate has no interest in the books or movies but loves us so he was happy to spend some time in Hogsmeade with us!

Our hotel had a package that included an early admission to the Harry Potter park so we were able to get into all of our favorite shops and see the town before the crazy-packed-crowds arrived. Here are some of our favorite stops:

Entering The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Searching for Sirius Black
Shopping at Zonko's
Nate and Joshua in Honeydukes
My boys and me with the Hogwarts Express
Here we are in Hogsmeade
Shopping for a wand in Ollivander's Wand Shop

Hagrid's Moster Book of Monsters

Trey with the TriWizard Champion Teams

The park is beautifully done, the shops are authentic, and we even got to eat in The Three Broomsticks!  Huge kegs of butterbeer were throughout the park and the rides were amazing.  It was a trip well-worth-the-effort and one we'll always remember!

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